Crystal Black Velvet and Diamond Margarita

These were just two of the Burlesque names that members acquired at the start of last Thursday’s meeting! After writing down a jewel on a piece of paper it was folded over and passed on, a drink was added and passed on again – we each unfolded a paper to discover our new persona! What started a little uncomfortably (we’re mostly English after all) turned into a fun evening and what was really lovely was the support we gave one another. Delores Delux aims to build body confidence and it really works! Seeing one another relax and laugh and dance is inspiring and the big lesson was a simple one – we all look more attractive when we become a bit more confident! As Delores would say – walk taller! The evening also revealed a few star performers amongst our own members. If you want to see Burlesque in action we are planning a DBWI trip, including dinner, date to be announced.

2015 Subscriptions are due, £36 cheque or cash, at the next meeting, book club or knitting group.
Book Group – Julie Talbot is now leading the book group, they met on Tuesday night so if you want to read the book for the next meeting check out updates HERE.
Knit group – next meeting is 19th January, full info HERE.


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