Code of Conduct and Privacy Notice

Being a member of the WI means upholding the core values and ideals of the WI which are fellowship truth tolerance justice Our WI will not tolerate bullying, harassment,discrimination or victimisation of any members. As members we all have  a shared duty of care to all our fellow WI members to feel safe and protected.

The following points are guidelines on how to communicate effectively on our social media and group chats:

Do bear in mind issues of confidentiality when engaging with a wider group of people.

If you wouldn’t stand up at a WI meeting and say something publicly to the whole group then think twice about posting that something on a group chat.

Add emojis to explain the tone of your message, especially if you are being ironic or making a joke as without tone of voice it can sometimes be hard to differentiate

Reply to messages at reasonable times of the day and even

Do use the group for support – One of the best things about a group chat is that if we need someone to talk to, there’s usually at least one of our sister’s who can reply. So whether we need a quick chat or simply a response to a quick query someone will get back.

For information on how we handle any personal data that members send to us please refer to the National Federation of Women’s Institute’s privacy policy here.