Knit & Crochet


These are some pics of our Jubilee Yarn Bomb


Due to the current Covid-19 crisis,  our knitting and stitching sub group has not been taking place.  However, our fingers have not been idle over this time and last week we celebrated The Great Big Green Week with an installation in Ufton Gardens highlighting the natural world.   We reused our Ocean Bike and recycled our flowers and poppies from earlier installations.  We also included a flock of canaries as part of the Craftivist Collective Canary Craftivist Project.  A canary was sent to the MP for De Beauvoir with a handwritten note and apart from canaries being included in our flower swag we also filled a tree with a flock of little canaries


Why a yellow canary?   They need clean air to be able to fly high in the sky and far afield. In years gone by, they used to accompany coal miners into the mines and give warning signals when the air was too toxic to work in. Miners often called their canary partners ‘colleagues’ and cared so much for them that they wanted to protect them from harm, sometimes more than themselves. 

Just as canaries were effective warning signs then, our Gentle Protest was, we hope,  a kind, encouraging warning for Members of Parliament now. It will remind them that they can help nature, wildlife and humans flourish before it’s too late.  We hope you enjoyed our yarn bomb.  We have a further installation planned for Cop 26 in November so it’s not too late to join in the crafting….all canaries welcome.

Enjoy the slideshow from The Great Big Green Week installation


Previous yarn bomb from 2019

Our collaboration with the local yarn bomb group De Beauvoir K2P2 in the summer of 2019 was a great success and we may be getting involved in future projects together, here’s a picture of the completed installation

our knitting group collaboration with De Beauvoir K2P2

All WI members can join the knitting group. We hope we will be able to meet in person soon.

If you would like to join us email us at and we can keep you updated on our forthcoming group projects

This group is open to all abilities and all are welcome, whether to learn the basics or knit your own masterpieces in company! We share patterns and wool and often undertake group projects, including items to sell on WI stalls at local events.

4 thoughts on “Knit & Crochet

    • Hi Liz, The Knit n Crochet group is only open to De Beauvoir WI members. We would love to welcome you to our next WI meeting on 5th June and you can decide then if you want to join. Its £5 for non-members but this will be deducted if you do decide to join on the night. The Knit n Crochet group will be meeting monthly.

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