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2018 Book Group News

The Book group is open to all De Beauvoir WI members. It’s an opportunity to discuss the book we have chosen while catching up and having fun. We shall be meeting at the De Beauvoir Arms, in Southgate Road, at eight o’clock on Mondaa, 12 February. This month we shall be discussing The Pier Falls by Mark Haddon. “This is a top-notch collection… It veers into unexpected territory, and the evolving surprises are mesmerizing… ‘The Pier Falls’ leads the collection. It is a perfectly controlled little masterpiece… So chilling that one imagines its author could carve out a second career as a horror film scriptwriter.” — Lionel Shriver

At the end of the meeting we will chose the book and date for the next meeting, so if you have a book in mind that you’d like us to read and discuss, please bring along some information about it and we can select a book between us. You shouldn’t have read it yet yourself and it needs to be be out in paperback!

Please email us at if you need any further information.

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2 thoughts on “Book Group

  1. Dear Amanda, I am interested in the book club! Does that mean I should join the WI? (And I love the picture of the WI on the 1940s! I do hope that someone will try and replicate those pinafores !) Love Hilary x

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