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2018 Book Group News

Hello and welcome to the Book Group Page 

Last month we read Elysium Fire by Alistair Reynolds, which was a whodunnit set in space! We all enjoyed reading it and found a lot to talk about.  It is a follow on from a book AR wrote some ten years ago, and one of our members enjoyed Elysium Fire so much that she went back and read the first book (Aurora Arises) which is also apparently very good. 

After space opera, this month we have chosen Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor.  This was a recent Book At Bedtime on Radio 4 and has received a very favourable critical response, including winning the 2017 Costa Novel and being long-listed for the Man Booker.  “Jon McGregor is an extraordinary writer.”  “McGregor’s prose throughout is as near to faultless as makes no difference.”  “The effect is unsettling, plaintive, and in the end deeply affecting.”  Sounds engaging and provocative. 

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So do come along at 8 o’clock on Tuesday, 24th April, to the de Beauvoir Arms, in Southgate Road.  They serve food (the hummus is very good) and they welcome dogs.  Only caveat is that you must have read the book.  At the end of the meeting we chose the next book and arrange the next meeting, so even if you cannot come along, you are more than welcome to send in suggestions for the next book.  We schedule our meetings so that we do not clash with any other WI group/meeting. 

Looking forward to seeing you. 









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