October Meeting – Finding Your Voice

As an aspiring author I like to write stories.  However, the stories I produce are generally about fictional or mythological characters that I derive and shape from my imagination.  Telling someone else’s story is easier for me than sharing my own.  Often I feel that no one wants to hear about my thoughts, desires, objections, moments of joy and sorrow – I hold back from telling them in case people think I am whining or being boastful.

At past meetings with the DBWI we have heard the stories of some interesting women, from history and the present day.  Within these stories we learn about the strength, imagination, determination, and bravery of these women forging a way to be free and express themselves in life.  These stories might have resonated with us in various ways, but we are shy or apprehensive to say so.  This month we have another wonderful speaker who will tell her story but also introduce us to steps to help us overcome our apprehensions and refresh our confidence to tell our own.  Rona Steinberg recently became a DBWI sister and member of your committee.  She is a life and public speaking coach (see her website and blog here for further information).  She will be giving us a valuable presentation on how we can be women without apology, unafraid to speak up about anything we need to say.  She will extend the opportunity for members and guests to speak, for those who feel comfortable to do so.  We look forward to welcoming you to this meeting and hopefully get to know some of your stories. 

Photo:@Stephen Cotterall

At all meetings

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month in the Crypt at St Peter’s Church, De Beauvoir, starting at 7.30pm.  Sisters take it in turns to serve delicious refreshments, including tea and cake, wine, and assorted snacks from the kitchen.  Meetings are free to members, or only £5 for guests (price includes tea/coffee and cake).  Come and join us for a chance to catch up with friends old and new.

Covid compliance notice

The DBWI are still asking for some precautions to be taken regarding Covid.  In line with guidance from the NFWI masks are optional but we encourage members and guests to wear one when in more crowded areas, such as queueing for refreshments.  We will continue to keep doors and windows open in the Crypt for ventilation.  Wash hands in the toilets and/or use sanitiser, which we will provide hand sanitiser if you cannot bring your own but please bring your own if you can.  All surfaces on tables and at the hatch will be wiped down with disinfectant before your arrival.  If you can do a lateral flow test before attending meetings and contact us if you develop symptoms after attending.

Book Group

This group is usually held on the third Tuesday of a month at a member’s house or a pub.  The book of the month is announced at the monthly meetings, they are usually around 300 pages in length.  You can sign up at the meeting or email if interested.  For details on how the group works please visit the page on the website.

Walking Group

The walking group meets on the last Friday of each month during British Summer Time. These tend to be 60-90 minute relatively local walks and generally accessible to most people.  An occasional weekend day trip is organised to venture further afield.  The final walk of the season usually happens in mid-October and is a longer walk.  Interest can be expressed at monthly meetings where there will be a sign up sheet, or by emailing the address included on the poster above.  Please see the group page on the website for information and pics of previous walks.

Knitting Group

The knitting group is meeting again on Thursday 22nd September.  Please email the usual address for the location details if you are interested in coming along.  You can also request to be added to the WhatsApp group for regular updates.  The group has decided to knit pumpkins for a Halloween themed post box topper.


Community Café

The DBWI will be hosting the Community Café in The Crypt at St Peter’s Church on Friday 28th October.  Please email us if you can volunteer on the day or are able to cook something.


The DBWI committee have been discussing ways in which we can grow membership and welcome new sisters to the fold.  In the next few months we will be compiling a questionnaire to distribute but in the meantime would like to invite you to tell us what you think we do well and what we can improve upon.  Email your comments to the usual address (on the poster above).

As always we wish you all health and happiness until we next meet.


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