June meeting

Adventures in Knitting

For our June meeting on 4th we had an inspirational talk from Rosina Godwin, an artist based in South-East England. Her sculptures subvert the nurturing associations of textiles, to explore both gender and feminist issues.

She gave us a demonstration and talk about her work and a short Q & A session. She describes her work and creative process as:-

“Unravelling the nurturing connotations of knitting. My artwork challenges the traditional hierarchy of the arts, by using a craft associated with women’s domestic work. I am interested in the visual language of textiles, and the poetry of juxtaposing opposing materials and characteristics (hard + soft, smooth + hairy, old + new). The talk and demonstration video explore combining unconventional yarns with plaster (dipping, casting, embedding, colouring and adding materials), and other sculptural practices.”

We learnt how to mix plaster and terracotta and how this can be used in incorporating knitting and textiles into sculptural items using various household objects including silicone cake baking moulds.  We really hope to be able to invite Rosina back in the future for a hands on practical session.

You may have seen Rosina’s work when she exhibited at States of Existence, the first exhibition in the new Hackney Well Space. The show featured a range of artworks exploring life’s difficulties, to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2019.

Lock Down sharing

Lynn shared a picture of Joan and her granddaughter who had their photo taken by a photographer during lockdown and this will be appearing on Billboards around the world, if anyone catches sight of one, please take a picture for us to share.

We were in awe of Justina’s facemasks – Justina is an artist who creates the most amazing pieces out of various materials, but primarily uses egg shells – do check out her art on Instagram at @jkochansky.  The thorns on the first mask were attached using embroidery.

‘Nature’s Way Of Encouraging Social Distancing’

‘Fragile Barriers’

Book Group
Book group will also be meeting via Zoom on June 16th. We are currently reading Canal Dreams by the wonderful Scottish author Iain Banks who also wrote the classic novel, The Wasp Factory. If you would like to join us please email us for the full details, we do ask that have read the book.

Scrubs update

We have continued to respond to the #fortheloveofscrubs campaign for NHS workers and we have now delivered over 400 sets of scrubs and 500+ laundry bags  to our local NHS hospitals, GP surgeries, the London Ambulance Service and other health care providers. It’s been an amazing team effort.

Lost Pubs of Hackney
If you were at our last meeting you may remember member Suzanne is doing some research on the lost pubs of Hackney. If you can remember any pubs that have now gone and would like to get in touch, Suzanne can be contacted via her facebook page or Instagram

And if you fancy learning how to Charleston we will be opening up our July meeting to non members who want to join. 

Local Updates and Solace Women’s Aid

If you are self-isolating and need some help getting essential supplies, or just to have a chat you can call the local hub co-ordination team on
07394 075 597
And if you would like to volunteer to be part of the team then email

From De Beauvoir Town (Hackney) Community on Facebook
A new food bank has been set up locally if you would like to drop of any donations. It is open Monday to Saturday 12 – 2pm at 23 Englefield Road. Any surplus will be delivered onto the Hackney Food Bank.

Solace Women’s Aid Update
As we are not meeting face to face and as all the Solace staff are working from home, it is not possible to continue with our regular collections for them at present.
They have launched a major fundraising campaign #staysafeathome
You may have seen in the news recently that there has been an exponential rise in domestic violence incidents during this crisis. Their campaign aims to raise £150,000 to enable them to do everything they can to ensure their doors stay open throughout this worrying time, to make sure women and children can still receive the support they urgently need.
Their refuges are still open and providing life-changing and life-saving support to women with nowhere else to turn,
Their helpline team and all staff are answering the phones so women have someone to talk to and;
Their community advocacy teams are working tirelessly to make sure, no matter where they are, London is safe for women and their children.
You can donate by clicking the link below, any donation, however small, will help them to continue the amazing work they do to keep women and children safe.

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