Remember, remember the 5th of November…

This year all the local pyrotechnics seem to happening on Saturday which is just as well because I think most of us are looking forward to meeting Meg Hillier this Thursday. Don’t forget that you can bring guests, its just £5 on the door.

Calender Girl

Representing DBWI Lynn Brooks took part in the 100th celebrations at Walmer WI last month. She says:

“we each represented a decade of women & I was the calendar girl… Jennifer,the chair used to live in Hackney & started the Gardeners Club with Jude & Doritie. I’ve been to one of their meetings before as her guest & they are very formal & sing Jerusalem. Most of them are slightly older than me, but I felt a generation younger!”

Southbank Centre Charity Shop Design Challenge

The Southbank Centre are transforming the whole of the Royal Festival Hall into a huge charity shop the weekend of 12 & 13 December. A major focus for the weekend will be our Charity Shop Design Challenge where we are asking people to showcase their favourite charity shop buys on our catwalk. They would like our WI to get involved so if anyone is interested shout out now! More details are below:

Exploring the themes of charity and giving back this winter, Southbank Centre’s Charity Shop Fashion Show showcases the best of on-trend looks, all put together from items found in charity shops and they need you to get involved! The Charity Shop Design Challenge invites members of the public to create an outfit from charity shop clothes or materials with a budget of just £20 with the theme of ‘Choose a Charity Shop’ to encourage people to think about shopping in charity shops more often to create great looks. You can select any items or materials you want as long as they are purchased in a charity shop (they will allow the use of some second hand items too) and you can add extra embellishment/ upcycling as you desire. After registering your details you will be invited to an hour long workshop session in November with Channel 4’s Fabulous Fashionista Bridget Sojourner who will be giving tips on her CharityShop inspired style, and will be one of the judges on the day of the show.

Register using the form here, making sure you have thoroughly read the listed terms. After registration has closed you will be sent details of how to submit your final entry into the show. Registration closes on Sunday 15 November at 12pm.The Fashion Show will take place as part of Winter at Southbank Centre with NatWest on Saturday 12 December at 3pm.

And lastly please remember that we have a table at the De Beauvoir Christmas Fair on 28th November. The knitting group are busy making items to sell but we need all your contributions which can include crafts, bagged confectionaries, christmas decorations etc. Please get in touch to let us know what you will be donating to the stall or if you need any help with ideas.


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