WI Resolutions – have your say

Making a difference on issues that matter to you
In 1915 the WI set out to give women a voice and be a force for good in our community.

Through the resolutions process every WI member has a unique opportunity to turn a concern into a national campaign every year backed by the weight of the whole WI movement.

From equal pay to climate change, organ donation and midwifery shortages, there is a huge diversity in the campaigns that have been adopted in recent years.
Now is the time where we can think about issues that matter to us and formulate a resolution that we can put forward to the Middlesex Federation. The deadline for this is currently not clear as Middlesex Federation need to sign off on any resolution which then needs to be submitted to the National Federation by 11th September. So we need to be thinking now if we want to submit a resolution. I imagine Middlesex will need this by the beginning of September.
Shortlisting criteria are available on the website but to sum up:

Topical – it fits with current areas of public interest or the NFWI’s work priorities

Timely – it is not ‘yesterdays’ news
Targeted – the resolution has a clear and realistic objective

Achievable – the resolution is calling for something meaningful and sensible that can be achieved

Partnership potential – the NFWI’s work will add value to the work of other organisations

Accurate – it reflects the current situation and does not use outdated or obsolete information as its basis

PR potential – there is potential to gain positive media coverage for the WI that could lead to an increase in membership, perhaps by challenging rather than reinforcing media and public stereotypes about the organisation

Appropriate – it fits with the WI’s charitable objectives, history and ethos

There is a guidelines document here

I have a couple of ideas that in rough are:-

Sex & Relationships Education to be made compulsory in all schools in England, primary and secondary, state and private.
Because young people today are bombarded with negative conflicting messages about sex & relationships & how men and women should treat each other – from music vids like Blurred Lines, to online porn, which they see whether or not they seek it out, but whose content is directly linked to harmful and sexist attitudes in boys and young men. And from the behaviour of their peers in school where abusive and coercive ‘sexting’ and sexual harassment are common. There is a campaign already running through the End Violence Against Women coalition together with the Everyday Sexism project.

And another idea would be to Make CPR training compulsory in schools for pupils aged 15 or 16+ which would enable them to feel confident in applying CPR to people suspected of having a heart attack and which the British Heart Foundation believes could save around 5000 lives a year.

Also an idea put forward by Amanda which was suggested by Meg Hillier MP there is www.magicbreakfast.com which gives free breakfasts to children to enable them to learn better in schools where over 35% of children receive free school  meals. Presumably the call would be for government to support this to run it out accross the country.



Both of these ideas clearly have campaigns already active but we could contribute the weight of the WI in their support if they were to be taken on board as a resolution.
Let’s get the conversations started. I know a lot of you are passionate about other issues, come along to WI on August 6th, we are meeting in the Scolt Head, NOT the crypt_ lets get talking.

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