Burlesque Evening

‘There was something amusing and touching about five of us meeting at the Southgate Road bus stop, dressed up for a girl’s night out, and heading off on the bus and tube for Knightsbridge! Almost regardless of where we were going, it was lovely to go out with a group of local women, and to have the chance to get to know some of them better.’ Lesley Thompson, DBWI member

So it was, no one knew quite what to expect when 15 of us trekked over to a basement club in a ritzy part of town on Friday 13th March, to see a burlesque show.  However, after meeting Delores Deluxe at our January gathering, we where intrigued to see her in action. Well, it looks like the evening exceeded expectations and a good time was definitely had. We had a rather delicious 3 course meal and then were treated to the show. The gorgeous Ms D was fabulous, funny and very entertaining. The club staff looked after us and at the end of the evening we decanted into Beauchamp Place in ebullient mood. We made an impression on them as well, Delores said we where the most fun table and the Manager Alex would love to see any of us again there in the future.

Jacqui James

Catch up with news about tomorrow’s menu at the Crypt Cafe and a talk by Robert Crampton organised by the DBA, next Thursday 26th HERE.

Finally you will have seen the posters go up for our next meeting on 2nd April and you can read a bit more about ‘Rolfing’ HERE.

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