At our meeting next week, Thursday 5 June, we’ll be making the De Beauvoir WI banner. The idea is that as well as the name – De Beauvoir WI – we’ll make individual squares with designs representing something from the area – a house, a tree, a pub, a bus, block of flats, whatever. Add your name, and whatever else you fancy – beads, ribbons, bits and pieces… If sewing’s not your thing, you can paint your square or help with cutting out etc. (And someone will need to pour the teas and wine!)

Please remember too that we’ll be collecting for the local Food Bank if you’d like to donate a tin or two (see list of suitable items on previous posting).


WI member Ruth Napolitano is organising a series of trips to intriguing and interesting venues and events. The kick off THIS Saturday. Details are listed below. Please get in touch with Ruth directly ( if you’d like to go along.

Saturday 31 May
A visit to Sutton House, 2-4 Homerton High Street E9
This beautiful Tudor mansion will be of special interest to Wolf Hall fans, since it was built in 1535 for Thomas Cromwell’s former ward Ralph Sadler, who lived there with his wife Helen Barre.
Meet at the entrance at 12.30pm (walk through the Church Path by bus garage on Mare Street, walk along Sutton Place to Homerton High Street. Turn right and it’s on the right.)
Entry £3.50 (Gift Aided £3.90), reduced price if we are a group of 7 or more.

Monday 1 September
‘Upstairs’ at The Proms
Ruth explains: “‘Upstairs’ is the Gallery, a bit like the Promenade area downstairs in the auditorium. You have to queue and pay a fiver. There are just a few seats around the wall, so bring something soft to sit/lean on. It makes for a great experience.”
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington SW7
Meet at 6.30pm prompt at the bus stop outside the Royal College of Art.
Bring £5 and some loose change for the Promenaders’ collection, some snacky bits, a drink and something soft to sit on.
Be aware – there are lots of stairs.

Wednesday 3 December
The Rosemary Branch Christmas Panto
This is a major local event! The Rosemary Branch panto has become an N1 institution and a famous festive outing. We’ve managed to reserve 20 places for the 3 December performance, so do let Ruth know ASAP if you’d like to come. Ticket money will be collected later.
Please e-mail Ruth with ‘WI Panto’ in the subject line.

Ruth says: “Where would you like to go? When – during the day, evenings or weekends? Do tell, then I can build the info into next year’s List!”

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